Hey there, Faithful And Devoted Reader, I have great news: I have started a weekly email newsletter because it’s trendy – no, wait, I mean because it’s an useful way to get you information and entertainment.

The Granite Geek newsletter had a soft launch last week and am still figuring exactly what does and doesn’t belong in a newsletter as compared to a blog, Twitter feed, newspaper column and/or asides to newsroom colleagues. I suspect it will be a  mashup of all those and more, with the “more” component evolving over time, but I’ll do my best to make it better than the emailed jokes you get from your Uncle Mort.

If you want to check it out – and you know you do – just go to this bit.ly link bit.ly/monitornewsletters and fill in the gaps. Sorry about the online form, but the gender/birthdate/zipcode stuff is useful as advertising bait (“Look, NH Liquor Store: 97% of the newsletter subscribers are old enough to drink!”) and I have this weird desire to keep my paycheck from bouncing.



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