The electric grid is all about technology – you can argue that it’s the biggest, most complicated machine ever made – but regulations and finance are at least as important to its operation. That’s why I wrote a story about (take a deep breath) the decision by state regulators not to allow Eversource (i.e., PSNH) to charge ratepayers for any cost from buying and selling natural gas from a 20-year contract on a proposed pipeline expansion in southern New England, a convoluted plan that comes from the fact that financing windows for pipelines run to two decades, while financing for electric power production rarely goes beyond five years.

Sound fascinating? Check out my story here.

Sound boring as all get-out? Here’s an incredibly cute video of a burrowing owl turning its head upside down.

(Note: I have no idea what the phrase “… as all get-out” means, but I’ve been using it all my life.)

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