One of the most depressing results of industrial pollution is the way that fish in even the most remote, pristine of New Hampshire lakes are tainted by mercury, deposited there by fumes from coal-burning (mostly) power plants – to the point that pregnant women, or even those of child-bearing age, are cautioned not to eat much. You just can’t escape humanity’s ability to foul its own nest.

But health issues related to diet are complicated, so maybe it’s OK to eat them if they replace enough red meat and unhealthy foods. At least, that’s one possiblity from a story reported in Great Lakes Echo (story is here):

Eating Great Lakes fish that contain mercury may threaten your health, but the nutritional benefits may outweigh the risks, according to a new study of lake trout and lake whitefish consumption by members of Native American tribes with high rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases

As for me, I’m looking forward to getting my Acadian redfish today – my weekly purchase from New Hampshire Community Seafood.



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