The Brookings compared economic growth (GDP) and carbon emission from electricity for all the states between 2000 and 2014, and found that 33 have “decoupled” emissions from economic growth – including New Hampshire. You can see the NH chart above, with GDP in blue and carbon emissions in red. Collectively, these states dropped power-related emissions by 12 percent and grew their economies by 22 percent over that period.

This is a big deal, because there is a justifiable fear that the only way to avoid destroying the planet via climate change is to destroy the economy – this shows that those aren’t the only two choices.

Here’s the Brookings report.

I’m not sure why New Hampshire’s emissions bumped up in 2004 – maybe that was a busy year for Merrimack Station, the large coal-fired power plant in Bow and the state’s biggest carbon emitter.


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