Life is busy and you can’t always get to places you’d like to get to … such as the monthly Science Cafe New Hampshire events in Nashua and Concord.

Happily for you, the Science Cafe Concord is filmed by ConcordTV, the city’s community channel. They have a YouTube channel so you can watch the sessions – such as the March 21 event discussing the demographics behind New Hampshire’s “silver tsunami”.  (Unfortunately we don’t have anybody to film and display the Nashua event; if you have suggestions, let me know.) We had more than 50 people show up that Tuesday night to ask questions about such sexy topics as age cohorts and statistical weighting.  Who says the general public doesn’t like science?

On Wednesday, Science Cafe in Nashua will tacky a snarly topic: How to prepare for debilitating illness and mortality in ourselves and others. Titled “Living with Dignity” it will discuss such things as: What happens when the end is near?  How do we prepare for helping older loved ones and what can we expect?  Panelists include Lynne Randall, Clinical Social Worker; Katherine Doebler, Transitional Care Nurse; Kerry Scott, Community Hospice House Manager; and Rev. John Martin, Chaplain. Details here.

On Tuesday, the Science on Tap program run by SEE Science Center in Manchester will discuss Ocean Exploration. Panlists are Hal Weeks, recently retired as assistant director of UNH’s Shoals Marine Laboratory; Val Schmidt, Research Project Engineer Center for Costal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center; and Michael Koski Director of Science and Engineering 6-12 Windham School District and 2016 E/V Nautilus Expedition team member. Details here.


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