I love the whole Maker movement, although I must confess that I love it from afar.

I haven’t got the pattern-matching ability, patience, visualization capability or fine motor skills to be a tinkerer. I break things without even trying; if I was a genius, I would be Wolfgang Pauli. (See wikipedia’s Pauli effect article for details.)

But I like the creation of makerspaces like Nashua’s MakeIt Labs – New Hampshire’s first – or Portsmouth’s Port City Makerspace is one of the neatest things to have happened in recent years, a wonderful exercise in community building around practical skills. Geekiness with a heart.

So I was delighted to see this NHPR report on a “repair cafe” that’s held inside Maxt Makerspace in Peterborough, which I didn’t know existed. It takes the Maker movement to the next step – not just doing cool stuff for yourself, but doing it for doofuses like me.

Read or listen to the report; it’s very nice.


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