The uncertainty over what the federal government will do to health care has the New Hampshire Insurance Department (which oversees the insurance side of the Affordable Care Act’s operation in the state)  on edge, so it’s asking for help from the most modern of place: A computer model:

The New Hampshire Insurance Department (NHID) is requesting proposals for a contractor to develop relevant macroeconomic models for the NHID. The NHID is endeavoring to estimate the probable impact of a number of possible developments or actions that would affect its health insurance markets, especially focusing on New Hampshire’s individual health insurance market.

That coms from an RFP (request for proposals) that the state put out recently (see it here). It includes one sentence that will make by Linux friends cringe: ” the Contractor shall present the findings to the NHID in PowerPoint format and provide the slides in a format so that the NHID staff can communicate the findings to other audiences. ”

In case you’re wondering if you should apply, here’s a partial description of skill needed: “Quantitative model development skills typically obtained through actuarial certification or similar training. The ability to predict changes to insurance markets, demographics, risk selection, premium rates, coverage erosion, and purchaser behavior. Familiarity with SERFF, NH rate filing requirements and ACA rate filing requirements.”

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