The Portland Press-Herald reports that the Maine state Senate has “effectively tabled” a bill that would let the state switch to Atlantic Standard Time if Massachusetts and New Hampshire decided to do it, as well. The main selling point: No daylight savings time switcheroo any more.

The Maine House approved the bill 85-59 in late April. The Senate voted “yes” on the bill in May, but added an amendment that the change wouldn’t go into effect unless Maine voters approved it in a referendum. The referendum vote would have been triggered if Massachusetts and New Hampshire also approved going to Atlantic time. Massachusetts is studying the issue, and the New Hampshire Senate killed a measure similar to Maine’s in May (as I reported).

Because Maine is the easternmost state, many areas experience sunsets about 4 p.m. or earlier in mid-December. Moving to Atlantic Standard Time would have meant December sunsets around 5 p.m.

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