Do you eat too much? Of course you do.

Americans have a serious habit of overeating, leading to a nationwide obesity epidemic. Despite the evidence, many of us believe we eat healthy food, never realizing how much we are stuffing our faces throughout the day. Much of the problem comes down to portion control and unconscious noshing, so a device keeping tabs on our chewing could aid in helping us face ourselves.

That’s from this Techcrunch story about a device created by Dartmouth College graduate student Shengjie Bi and others that uses two sensors to detect the type of eating you do, and claims an accuracy exceeding 90 percent.

Right now the device doesn’t account for chewing on salad versus chewing cookies, so it’s not ideal for caloric intake monitoring just yet — though I wouldn’t rule that out down the line. It also might be pretty weird to go around wearing a sensor on your jaw, letting everyone know you are tracking how much you eat throughout the day. However, someone else could come up with a less embarrassing method to check your calories in versus out.

Here’s the abstract of the report published in the  Proceedings of the 2017 Workshop on Wearable Systems and Application.

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