New Hampshire has long been a bitcoin hotbed, thanks in large part to the influx of libertarian/Free State folks, for whom the idea of currency operating outside of government control is pure catnip. They claim – and it seems very likely – that we have the highest per-capita number of public bitcoin vending machines of any state. These machines will let you buy bitcoin for cash but not cash for bitcoin – until now.

As I learned from Free Keene, a blog publication by a subset of the Free State folks, a couple bitcoin vending machines from a Maryland cryptocurrency firm called Black Frog have been installed in New Hampshire, including one that is open 24/7 and dispenses cash:  “Black Frog has now made bitcoin available 24/7 in Manchester via their new location at Budget Gas at 445 South Willow St! Plus, the new Manchester BVM is also two-way, meaning you can both buy bitcoin AND sell your bitcoin for cash. That’s another first for New Hampshire!”

Free Keene’s whole story is here.

Meanwhile, as of this today bitcoin is over $7,000 – a 20 percent increase in one week! I’m going to use it to buy some tulips.

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