I’m a big fan of the local-food movement, although I realize that it’s far from perfect. Notably, eating lettuce grown in a heated New Hampshire greenhouse isn’t necessarily “better for the planet” than eating lettuce shipped in from California. But there are other benefits to eating stuff grown locally, both economic and psychological, so I’m going to continue to wave the local-food flag.

As an example, how about this: Eating acorns from your oak trees! But wait, you say, aren’t acorns really nasty and full of toxic tannins and mostly inedible? By humans, yes, unless you do a lot of work first – but pigs love ’em! And there’s a small subset of people who collect and eat them, too.

I wrote about it in the Monitor, although the story ran on Thanksgiving Day so approximately zero people actually read it. You can be one of them by clicking right here!

The excellent magazine Northern Woodlands had a great article last month about this issue, centering on a Connecticut farm: It’s worth a read.

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