This is an email I received after my UFOs-aren’t-aliens column. It makes me happy:

It is so true when you call yourself a geek. the word geek has always meant, and still means, someone who knows very little about anything! Unlike you, I have a brain. I have a tested IQ of 197. If you’re lucky, yours might be half what mine is. Saying that aliens don’t  exist is total proof that you are an idiot! Scientists with brains know that an alien race created the human race. Our government has been meeting with aliens since the 1930s, moron.

The writer suggests I read “The 12th Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin – a notable bit of UFOlogy conspiracy spinning – but adds “if you are not too stupid to understand it.”

Best of all, he ends the email thus: “Good luck!”

I chatted briefly about this issue with Peter Bielo on NHPR recently – you can listen to us here.


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