Nature Groupie, a collaborative that supports environmental “citizen science” efforts in and around New Hampshire, has a cool report about Keene actually inconveniencing drivers – the horror! – to help frogs, newts and other amphibians seeking vernal pools:

The Keene City Council voted unanimously in favor of closing the North Lincoln Street amphibian crossing site to vehicle traffic during the first rainy nights of spring (called “Big Nights”).


Keene is the first community in New Hampshire to institute such a measure. This decision was based in large part on data collected by, and a strong show of support from, our Salamander Brigade volunteers. Over the last ten years, this citizen science program’s volunteers have helped 9,242 live amphibians across the road at the North Lincoln Street site, and counted 1,632 dead.  It’s important to note that these numbers are underestimates of amphibian activity at North Lincoln Street, as volunteers typically head home before midnight, but the amphibian migration – and resulting roadkill – will continue all night if weather conditions are right.

The whole report is right here.

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