New Hampshire has a ton of historical highway markers, those green signs by the roadside that tell you about such-and-thus that happened somewhere close to here at some point.

I think they’re great, especially when they talk about alien abduction or goofy not-really-ancient sites or being halfway between the North Pole and the equator (in two different places!) But most of them are pretty obvious – birthplace of famous person X, or former location of cool old bridge, or first time some government thing happened – and more to the point, not of them involve science.

In short, hey’re not very geeky. We need to change that, GraniteGeek readers. I have an idea for an addition to the list that I’ll be pursuing later this summer, but I’m open to ideas – so tell me: What New Hampshire person, place or thing that is of particular interest to the sci/tech community should be immortalized on a highway historical marker? Send me your ideas (  and we’ll see what happens.

(By the way, if you’re thinking of nominating Ralph Baer’s development of the first home video game while working at Sanders Associates in Nashua, there already is a plaque on the building, plus there’s a private push to name a square after him in the Manchester Millyard (he lived in Manchester) and maybe even put up a statue. It’s not a state historical marker, but I think that designation disqualifies it from our consideration.)



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