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Veoride, an Indiana-based company that runs dockless bike operations around the country, including at New England College in Henniker, says its biggest New Hampshire operation hit 10,000 rides in two months.

The company announced the number on its blog, saying it hit the 10,000-ride mark on Aug. 7, 66 days after the June 2 launch. That’s 151 rides a day. The company said at launch it would place 200 bikes in the city, implying that each bike gets ridden three times every four days.

Is that a success? A failure? A good start? Darned if I know.

Even if half those rides replaced what would otherwise have been a car ride – which is what you hope happens with urban bicycling – It’s not enough to make any kind of dent in the city’s traffic or pollution. But they are fun to have around.


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