When I go into Boston I drive to one of the distant subway stations and take the train, because who wants to park in Boston? I generally go to Alewife at the end of the Red Line because it has a massive (if not well maintained) parking garage.

For years there were a few parking spaces at Alewife for electric cars, complete with plugs, which seemed kind of silly because there really weren’t any electric cars to use them. Those spaces disappeared a few years ago, just about the time that electric vehicles started to become a reality, which seems to reflect the tussle that’s currently going on over parking spaces for electric vehicles. Check any forum of EV owners and you’ll soon find rants about ICE (internal-combustion engine) cars blocking public car chargers.

Logan Airport is tussling with this issue, judging from this post on Green Car Reports: The writer got a ticket because he parked his electric car in a space reserved for hybrid cars – a classic case of following the letter but not the spirit of a law – but then got it changed.

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