From NHTI, the community college in Concord: The weekend of January 25-27, 2019, teams of programmers, artists and musicians will gather at NHTI to take part in Global Game Jam (GGJ), a worldwide game development event.  Held simultaneously at over 800 hundred sites in over 100 countries, the 11th annual (GGJ) allows teams to create games given the same basic theme and technical constraints.

NHTI has held 24 game jams since 2008, and has been a GGJ host site since the program’s inception.

“Think of GGJ as a hackathon focused on game development,” says the GGJ website.

The jam begins on Friday Jan. 25 at 5 pm with a short video keynote address and the revelation of the secret theme for this year’s jam.  For the next 48 hours, participants explore technological tools, try on new roles, and test their ability to design, develop, create, and test a new game in just two days’ time.

Anyone who would like to join Global Game Jam at NHTI should contact Prof. Greg Walek at to reserve a spot.  Participation is not – that’s NOT! – limited to NHTI students.  There is no entrance fee, but participants should be prepared to pay for food.  The public is invited to drop by Little Hall at around 5:00 pm Sunday for showings of the finished games.

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