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Once again there are efforts in the legislature to get away from Daylight Saving Time by moving us into the Atlantic Time Zone and dumping the twice-a-year clock shift. A bill (HB567) would do it for New Hampshire as long as Massachusetts and Maine also do it.

Virtually the same proposal was passed by the state House last year but died in the Senate. Last November’s election completely flipped all the politics in the state – the legislature was dominated by Republicans then, is dominated by Democrats now – but I have no idea what effect that might have on this effort. I think that being anti-Daylight-Savings-Time is one of the rare issues that isn’t partisan; your opinion depends on issues that aren’t linked to political party.

No matter what the legislature does, incidentally, the time zone change won’t happen. We won’t switch unless Massachusetts does and they won’t switch unless New York does – Boston doesn’t want to be out of sync with NYC – and New York won’t do it.

But it’s fun to talk about.

(Not everybody agrees with my assessment – hey, that’s a first! See the first comment below.)

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