It has been more than 15 years since I wrote my first “N.H. weather will be like the South, at the rate we’re going” article. It was based on work from Cameron Wake at UNH, and had a map showing the outline of North Carolina moving north.

At the time it seemed a bit extreme to me, certainly at the far end of the predictive bell curve. If I recall correctly, there was so much whining about the report that Wake quieted down about his conclusions, or at least the map, for a while. (He certainly isn’t quiet any more!)

Since then, alas, every year has seen the worst-case scenario coming true all over the globe. Today “we’ll be like the South before you know it” is a reasonable, maybe even overly cautious, prediction. NHPR has the latest example.

Speaking as somebody who grew up in Virginia and fled north when I could, that is really depressing.

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