Every week I link to the Monitor’s list of patents issued to New Hampshire firms and people and to be honest, most of them are pretty boring.

Then there’s Patent 10,344,760, by Dean Kamen (yes, him) and a Brookline man, assigned to Kamen’s firm DEKA in Manchester.

It’s for a crank-operated squirt gun! Woo-hoo! Who wouldn’t want “a crank assembly rotatably connected to the pump assembly wherein the crank assembly operates the pump assembly, and a fluid storage reservoir connected to the gear housing from which fluid is drawn into the gear housing to be pumped through the fluid discharge opening.”

At first it seemed weird for Kamen to care about squirt guns but then I remembered that he made his name as inventor and entrepreneur creating devices to move fluids around in medical settings. And what’s a squirt gun but sibling-dousing version of an infusion pump?

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