I first used the words “climate change” in a story in the late 1990s and it has been a regular part of my reporting since. How could it not? It’s a great story, and journalists love great stories. And it has only become a better* story over time, as the effects have exceeded our worst-case scenarios. That’s why journalism as a whole is ramping up its coverage of the topic.

As part of the ramp-up, Roger Stephenson of Stratham, Northeast advocacy director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, has launched a new column discussing the topic from a local perspective. His first one came out today, concerning the state’s need to pay attention to the science of what’s likely if we’re going to make intelligent decisions about reducing harm without spending unnecessarily.

You can check it out here at InDepthNH, an independent news organization.

*That’s “better” in a journalistic sense, not in a “good for the planet” sense.

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