“Despite setbacks and delays, the UMaine project is likely to be the first floating commercial-scale wind farm in the U.S.” says Portland Press-Herald’s Tux Turkel, probably the most experienced energy reporter still writing for a New England newspaper.

UMaine and its Maine Aqua Ventus partners have been trying since 2014 to get a pair of their patented, semi-submersible platforms in the waters off Monhegan Island, with two, 6-megawatt turbines atop. … But this year, General Electric introduced a 12-megawatt offshore turbine with an 853-foot blade height, more than two football fields in length.

Maine Aqua Ventus now wants to beef up its platform design to accommodate a single 9.5-megawatt turbine for the Monhegan site, rather than two smaller units. The target date is 2022, seven years later than originally estimated.

You can read the whole article here.

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