There’s a bill before the state Legislature “establishing April 8, 2024 as solar eclipse day in New Hampshire.” It’s part of the state’s preparation to enjoy (and profit from) the fact that eclipse totality will pass through Coos County that day – as I’ve written about previously.

Unusually for a piece of legislation, it’s fun to read – so here it is for your edification and enjoyment:

Since before recorded history, human action, imagination, and passion have been inspired and guided by the celestial bodies, none more important than our sun, the source of all life on Earth, and our moon, our constant reminder of beauty, change, and hope in times of darkness.

II.  On April 8, 2024, the sun, the moon, and we here on Earth will perfectly align in a total solar eclipse, an exceptional and providential occurrence over the ages, reminding our species once again of just how small we are, how insignificant our differences are, how vast and powerful the universe that sustains us is, and how we are all, indeed, intimately and irrevocably connected to one another.

III.  New Hampshire will have the unique good fortune of being in the path of totality of this magnificent phenomenon, in perfect alignment with our sun and moon.  

IV.  Moreover, New Hampshire, in the same spirit that we welcome all to participate in our unique political landscape, shall once again open its arms so that all people from around the country and in fact the globe can be here at that moment to witness, and be humbled by, the awe-inspiring sight of the heavenly bodies moving in their spheres.

2  Solar Eclipse Day.  The governor shall proclaim April 8, 2024 as solar eclipse day in New Hampshire and shall urge all citizens of the state to commemorate the day with appropriate educational activities.

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