A little state-by-state crunching of numbers by a site called Green Car Congress found that in 2018, Vermonters drove more piles per person than other New England states – even more than Maine, which is much bigger.

STATE – Miles per capita – rank

Vermont – 11,766 – 12th highest state

Maine – 11,040 – 20th

N.H. – 10,179 – 29th

Mass. – 9,702 – 36th

Conn. – 8,874 – 40th

R.I. – 7,567 – 48th

A comment on the article says the per-capita figure in Great Britain is 5,082, lower than any U.S. state.

Obviously, a large part of this is population density – the state with the highest per-capita mile driven is Wyoming, which is very large and has no big dominant city with mass transit that would bring down the average (like happens in Massachusetts, due to Boston).

But I’m still surprised that Vermont’s number is higher than Maine or New Hampshire. I guessed that the Burlington region is so dominant in the Green Mountain State that it would act sort of like Boston and pull down the average, but maybe not.

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