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Check this out, a description of a new apartment building coming to Roxbury in south Boston:

Named Model-C, the 5-story, 19,000-square-foot building will contain 14 residential units above an affordable co-working space on its ground floor.

Model-C will be assembled using a cross-laminated timber (CLT) kit-of-parts and will be net-zero energy and net-zero carbon for its first decade of operation.

The project will be fabricated off-site in sections, including bathroom “pods” that will be plugged into the structure after it is assembled.

I’ve become a big fan of what is often called “mass timber” – replacing steel and concrete in mid-rise construction with timber constructed by gluing together smaller pieces of wood in specific ways. It sequesters the carbon in the wood by doing something useful, and replaces carbon-emission-intensive products, so it’s your classic “win-win” for reducing future carbon emissions.

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