A few days ago I wrote about the way that engineered timber, a.k.a. mass timber, can replace steel and sometimes concrete in buildings, which creates big greenhouse-gas benefits. Here’s the item, if you didn’t see it.

I mentioned that New Hampshire is behind our neighboring states in the mass-timber-building area.

Now comes news about the first mass timber office building in the state, on Pease Tradeport. Groundbreaking is set for Oct. 17. It’s not exactly huge, just 3 stories and 72,000 square feet, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

You can find out more about it here: The Arboretum Pease – 90 Arboretum Drive Brochure

By the way, if you have the typical question about fire safety, here is an article that gives lots – and I do mean LOTS – of information on the topic. There is currently a push to incorporate tall-wood buildings into international building safety codes. https://www.firehouse.com/operations-training/article/21008544/what-the-fire-service-needs-to-know-about-tall-wood-buildings

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