New Hampshire is working to develop a biotech industry, focusing on medical technology, especially the design and manufacture of materials that can replace bits of our bodies – skin, bone, muscle. Its focus is the New Hampshire Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing of Biomaterials (NH BioMade in short form) based in Durham, using expertise from UNH and others plus money and business/networking/research insight from Dean Kamen and others.

NH BioMade has just announced seed funding awards, up to $50,000 “for faculty and
research associates at New Hampshire universities and colleges to conduct pilot projects.”

This is basic research, the first step in the long process of R&D. and like a lot of basic research it’s not ripe for reducing to headlines.

Among the winners we have “3D-Printable Polyrotaxane-based Tissue Engineering with Controlled Degradability”, and “Design of Microporous Metal Oxide Transistors for Field-Enhanced Biochemical Sensing of the Immune Response”, and “Establishing Bio-Ink Design Parameters for Extrusion-Based-Bio-Printing Processes,” to name a few.

All important topics, and some of them may y turn into important developments that can save a soldier on the battlefield or improve somebody’s life after a car accident or solve a serious congenital malady. It’s good that they’re being funded, and good for New Hampshire that they’re being funded here. Even if you and I might scratch our heads about what exactly they involve.

More details are here:

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