Last week I was the comic relief for the annual meeting of the N.H. Joint Engineering Society, giving an hour-ish talk via Zoom about a few topics that have cropped up in Granite Geek over the years which I thought might interest a few folks: Benford’s Law (“first digit law”), telephone area codes, the length of New Hampshire’s coastline, and our role in creating BASIC.

You can watch it here via Zoom. The passcode is ZjHo^?45

My camera weirded out so I was staring at a black screen the whole time, with no idea what I looked like. Which is perhaps just as well.

Yes, that’s a New Hampshire LINUX license plate in the background (a fake one done by Compaq, not a real one off a car). I know nothing about Linux programming so I shouldn’t show it off, but it looks very geeky!

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