Slowly rising sea levels are having many unpleasant effects, of which King Tides or Sunny Day Floods are one of the less dramatic but most telling. These terms describe when the sea at high tide goes into places where it didn’t used to go, without any storm or other extreme event driving it. Nothing else really conveys what the higher ocean is doing.

The New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup holds an annual photo contest called the King Tide Contest to help tell people Yes This Is Happening And Will Continue To Happen And We Can’t Ignore It (that’s my phrasing, not theirs). I think this is a difficult pictorial subject because it’s not dramatic and if you don’t the area well it can be hard to see that water is in the wrong place, such as covering a parking lot.

This year they received more than 90 submissions in three contest categories: Atlantic, Great Bay, and Creative. The above is my favorite.

As for my retirement investment plans, seaside property ownership is not among them.

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