NHPR reports that Eversource, the state’s biggest electric utility by far, is joining the Electric Highway Coalition, an agreement by utilities in other parts of the country to support more electric car charging stations. They’re the first New England utility to join; the other are in the Midwest and South.

The full story is here.

No details yet, but getting the electric companies onboard is a good move for charging networks. I’ve long wondered why they aren’t gung-ho on electric cars, who will be a huge customer base in future years. Regulation complicates things, of course, but that doesn’t usually get in the way of utilities seeking sales.

Pre-WWII, electric companies often sold electric appliances to boost business. This picture shows the PSNH showroom in Manchester in 1927, selling all sort of modern goodies for the home! (PSNH was Eversource’s predecessor) The picture is from https://ghostsoflectricity.com/, which has lots of cool pictures from PSNH history.

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