As a general rule when there’s a state-by-state ranking of useful services, you don’t want to be alongside Mississippi or West Virginia. But they’re the company that New Hampshire keeps in a recent ranking of public (i.e., not in people’s homes) electric vehicle charging stations. That includes Level 2 and 3 chargers and the Tesla network, but not Level 1 chargers (plain old electrical sockets).

According to the report from CleanTechnia (here), NH has the fewest number of non-residential EV charging units outside people’s homes east of the Mississippi River except for two very poor states (West Virginia and Mississippi) and one very small one (Delaware). Out west, only the High Plains states (Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming) and Alaska are worse – although they’re so huge, that’s a bigger problem for them. I don’t think you’d want an electric vehicle in Alaska outside Anchorage!

Note that this is units, not stations – so roughly 32 of our 296 total comes from our two Tesla stations on on I-93 and I-95. (I say roughly because I’ve never been to the one on I-95 so I’m not sure how big it is; but I’m guessing it’s also 8 on each side of the highway)

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