Do you have opinions about energy in New Hampshire? Then I have good news for you – this arrived in my inbox this morning:

Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) is required to update the New Hampshire 10-Year State Energy Strategy in 2021. Consistent with that mandate, OSI has begun to do the preliminary work needed to meet this requirement. This includes offering stakeholders, the business community, and the public-at-large the opportunity to submit any comments about:

  1. The 2018 State Energy Strategy (the most recent update);
  2. Thoughts on what should and/or should not be in the 2021 State Energy Strategy and, 
  3. Any general comments on energy policy in New Hampshire and New England. 

The comment period opened May 4th and now closes on Friday June 25th (an extension from the previously announced deadline). View the full public comment notice here.

We encourage our municipal members and local energy champions to submit comments regarding, but not limited to, topics of importance to current or future projects or community priorities, such as:

  • Increasing the net metering project cap size
  • Defining goals for an electric vehicle (EV) Charging Network or expanding EV charging infrastructure
  • Increasing renewable energy goals and establishing greenhouse gas emission reduction targets 
  • Adopting modern building energy codes
  • Expanding access to clean energy technologies such as energy storage or offshore wind
  • Promoting the importance of grid modernization for the state
  • Supporting ambitious energy efficiency targets with well-funded efficiency programs

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