I’m hosting an online Science Cafe NH next Wednesday, starting at 7 p.m. The topic is “Water in New England: What’s Coming?” and it’s a little different format since we’ll have just one panelist, Dr. Jonathan Winter of Dartmouth College, who researches the effects of climate variability on water resources and agriculture. So it’ll be more like an extended interview than a panel back-and-forth, with you (dear reader) as well as me able to ask questions.

We live in a place that assumes a limitless supply of water but as climate changes and weather patterns shift, will this remain viable? What do we know future patterns and what should we do to prepare? How can we tell exceptions from trends?

Join the discussion at Science Cafe NH on Wednesday, October 20, from 7-8 PM ET. Connect via Facebook Live (where you can ask questions) or YouTube (where you can’t) – the links will be placed at sciencecafenh.org.

If you think of a question but want me to ask it, email it to dbrooks@cmonitor.com by next Tuesday.

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