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I moderated my first online Science Cafe NH in a long time last night. The online version of this long-running program has been handled by folks on the team that ran the Nashua portion of the program when we were still in three-dimensional space, and they’ve got the system down pat.

This was a slightly different SCNH because we only had one panelist, which gave me more chance to butt in. The topic was “Climate Change and Water,” talking about what the climate emergency will due to our precipitation, drought, soil moisture, agriculture, and other things that are vital to life as we know it. The panelist was Dr. Jonathan Winter of Dartmouth, who researches the effects of climate variability on water resources and agriculture.

One takeaway: we may get more flooding in upcoming years as precipitation extremes get more common but we probably won’t get more drought – just “normal” droughts like the one we had through last June. Also, we didn’t get too depressingly doom-laden in predictions.

You can see the video of the hour-long session at SCNH’s YouTube channel once the processing finishes. While you’re waiting, you can took at lots of past discussions!

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