The town of Milford wants the state’s permission to use a different brand of ballot-counting machine in town elections next spring. Not out of any made-up fears about accuracy (optical ballot counters are really accurate) or any of that hoo-hah – they’re worried about maintaining machines that run on Windows XP and haven’t been built for years.

Yup, XP.

In other words, it’s your classic IT-can’t-keep-legacy-sytems-running problem. There’s a story in the Union-Leader about it (here).

This isn’t new. I wrote about the issue 2 1/2 years ago, when I noted: “LHS Associates, the New Hampshire firm that services them throughout New England, is reduced to cannibalizing old machines for parts such as its dot matrix printer or that joke-worthy memory card, which requires a working battery or else it will lose all the information about the ballots it has just counted.”

Yup, dot-matrix printer! That old story is here.

At that time the state was checking on various alternatives but for some reason nothing has happened since then.

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