The site Nothing But Hemp reports that tests are continuing at a former Air Force base in northern Maine to plant hemp on soil polluted with PFAS and similar chemicals because the plant removes them from the ground, a.k.a. phytoremediation. If this works out it could be a big deal because PFAS pollution is seemingly everywhere.

(As a general rule, any military installations dating back more than a decade or two has polluted its soil and/or water with something, often several things. They’re as bad as old-time industrial sites.)

An interesting angle is that the site is now owned by the Micmac nation who seem more open to the idea than military brass.

The story notes: “Questions remain about the contaminant-filled hemp and what to do with it. For instance, does the plant break the chemicals down or simply sequester them? More research, with a much larger crop of hemp, are reportedly in the works for this summer.

The whole story is here.

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