Three New Hampshire treatment plants are part of a CDC database detecting COVID-19 in wastewater. Judging from the map, I think they’re Concord, Claremont and Conway. At the moment there is recent data only from Conway, which saw a drop of between 10% and 99% over the past 15 days. A screenshot of the map is above.

One cool term I learned from the site: “sewershed” – the wastewater equivalent of “watershed”, meaning the physical area that drains into the plant.

I’ve written about wastewater surveillance a few times (most recently here: “Predicting COVID from viruses in our wastewater is a lot trickier than I thought“)

The Boston-area MWRA has a great online database of their daily tracking (here). Detected genetic material related to COVID has really fallen in the past month – hooray!

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