Business N.H. magazine has a short profile of a New Hampshire firm that’s part of the plant-based-nonplant-food market – in this case, a “cheese” made from cashews rather than dairy products. The story is here.

Nuttin’ Ordinary (ugh – I hate product names that are puns) makes four types of dairy-free cheese and a dairy-free ravioli. It sells to some supermarkets as well as directly to consumers online, and after getting angel investors is crowdfunding for an expansion.

It’s hard to know how much of a difference all the new companies making plant-based food products will have. Part of me thinks it will never be more than a niche, part of me thinks it could really cut into domestic use of cattle for meat for milk. That would be a good thing for the climate, although I’ll be really sad if either of the nearby family dairy farms closes!

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