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I’m an old grump who snorts derisively at the term “art installation” because it didn’t exist when I was young (that’s usually why old grumps snort derisively) but I’ll make the occasional exception.

Playing a concert on rice cookers hacked with Arduinos that also cook rice? Yeah, that’s worth an exception.

One step in the process: “Connect the cookers to each other and to speaker cones placed around the room. Fill the cones with raw rice. “The low frequencies will vibrate and rattle the grains of rice. The various frequencies and intensities will cause the grains of raw rice to react differently, emphasizing its physicality and texture,” says Van de Velde.” (From the Dartmouth News article here.)

If you’re near Hanover on Saturday night, it might be worth checking out: “At 8 p.m. on April 30 in Room 58 in the basement of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, he’ll serve up a one-of-a-kind sonic feast. And he’ll also dish out the cooked rice at the end of the performance.”

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