Personally, I am done with hosting monthly Science Cafe events in person. A decade of that was enough! I may host the occasional event, like the one we held at the Market Days festival on Main Street in Concord this summer, but that’s it.

SCNH folks based in Nashua aren’t so sure, however. They’ve been holding online events and are trying to decide when/if/how to get back into three dimensional space. They’ve put up a SurveyMonkey survey, if you have an opinion:

One of the biggest hassles is finding and keeping a venue. The idea behind Science Cafe has always been to hold them in a working restaurant bar, amid patrons and servers, to reflect how scientific interest is part of normal human existence. Finding a place big enough to hold us without blocking the normal business, quiet enough to hear the speakers yet with some crowd energy, and willing to staff the monthly event – that has always been tough. Staffing shortages have just made it tougher.

Science on Tap, a similar event held by the SEE Science Museum in Manchester, is back in person but is also trying to figure out exactly how to proceed. Here’s their Facebook presence.

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