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Steve Davidson, the New Hampshire man who owned the trademark of the name “Amazing Stories” and in 2012 brought back the classic science fiction magazine, first digitally and then in print (erratically), has stepped down:

In straightforward terms, I’m burnt out, I’m tired and I am feeling physically, medically, mentally and emotionally run down. I have increasing family and financial responsibilities and am finding it increasingly difficult to juggle everything, while also remaining enthusiastic for what Amazing Stories is trying to do.

Kermit Woodall, long-time Creative Director, will be taking over responsibilities for staffing, payments, and all ongoing creative and management decisions, which include management responsibilities for the website, the current Kickstarter project, and AmazingCon II.

(The whole statement is here)

I’ve written about Davidson’s effort several times, including this 2018 piece when he finally created a print version. It was always a very uphill battle, with the big potential payoff being when Apple+ streaming service bought the name for its anthology series, an update of Steven Spielberg’s pleasant but unexciting 1980’s TV show. Not enough of a payout to push the magazine into the next level, apparently.

“Amazing Stories” was the name of the first all-science-fiction magazine, launched in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback (after whom the Hugo Awards are named).

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