As I was putting together the newsletter I heard that the town of Lebanon has approved amendments to the city’s Zoning regulations that will require some electric vehicle charging at new developments – one of the first such moves in the state (Edit: Dover has done this too according to a reader comment below). I don’t know much beyond the official info:

The amendment applies to all off-street vehicle parking in all zoning districts, and creates requirements for EV-installed, EV-ready, and EV-capable off-street vehicle parking spaces across three use categories: one- and two-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, and non-residential, and also adds related definitions. The tiered thresholds for the required EV infrastructure allow a gradual transition to EV charging capacity in the City; developments will install a minimum of fully operational chargers and also install the electrical capacity to install future chargers.

Preparedness of building and site utilities saves property owners from the cost of future retrofits that would be significantly greater than the upfront costs and potentially a barrier to EV implementation in the community as a result. The installation of EV charging infrastructure is four to six times less expensive when included during the initial construction phase as opposed to a retrofit.

There are lots of specifics, as you would expect from zoning regulations. I don’t know that there’s any online description yet but if you’re interested, check with the town Planning Department. It’s titled “Section 607.8 Electric Vehicles.”

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