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By Targeted News Service

WASHINGTON – The following federal patents were assigned in New Hampshire through March 19.


Methods for Serving Interactive Content to a User

YIELDMO, INC., Nashua, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11604918 B2, initially filed Sept. 30, 2020) developed by seven inventors Connor Francis Doherty, New York, New York; David Michael Goligorsky, New York, New York; Shawn Sprockett, New York, New York; Eric (Ge) Wu, New York, New York; Yiming Bao, New York, New York; Firecrow Silvernight, New York, New York; and David Sebag, New York, New York, for “Methods for serving interactive content to a user.”


Distributed Multi-Hng Son

PARALLEL WIRELESS, INC., Nashua, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606703 B2, initially filed July 31, 2019) developed by ten inventors Poojan Tanna, Nashua, New Hampshire; Harish Kumar Lohar, Nashua, New Hampshire; Vikram Karandikar, Nashua, New Hampshire; Mohit Chugh, Nashua, New Hampshire; Ravi Nathwani, Pune, India; Apeksha Jain, Nashua, New Hampshire; Prateek Batra, Nashua, New Hampshire; Michael C. Silva, East Sandwich, Massachusetts; Bryan Panner, Windham, New Hampshire; and Ameya Gangamwar, Nashua, New Hampshire, for “Distributed multi-HNG son.”


Aerothermal Ring Structures Providing RF Isolation

BAE SYSTEMS INFORMATION AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS INTEGRATION INC., Nashua, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606882 B2, initially filed Nov. 5, 2020) developed by three inventors Jonathan C. Griffin, Westford, Massachusetts; Ross T. Johnson, Nashua, New Hampshire; and Gregory J. Wunsch, Milford, New Hampshire, for ”Aerothermal ring structures providing RF isolation.”


Activated Aluminum Fuel

LTAG SYSTEMS LLC, Bow, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11603587 B2, initially filed Feb. 28, 2020) developed by Jonathan Thurston Slocum, Bow, New Hampshire, for “Activated aluminum fuel.”


Pool Filter Cover

LARSON DESIGN, LLC, Pembroke, New Hampshire has been assigned a design patent (No. US D0980944 S1, initially filed Sept. 30, 2021) developed by Brian Larson, Pembroke, New Hampshire, for “Pool filter cover.”


Frequency and Bandwidth Agile Optical Bench

BAE SYSTEMS INFORMATION AND ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS INTEGRATION INC., Nashua, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606147 B1, initially filed June 6, 2022) developed by Michael J. Powers, Amherst, New Hampshire, and Robert Carlson, Bedford, New Hampshire, for “Frequency and bandwidth agile optical bench.”


Machine Proximate Nebulizer

VAPOTHERM, INC., Exeter, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11602601 B2, initially filed May 31, 2019) developed by Scott A. Leonard, Exeter, New Hampshire, and Jesse Bodwell, Exeter, New Hampshire, for “Machine proximate nebulizer.”


Fertilizer Stick

SIMPLYGRO LLC, Bedford, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11602098 B1, initially filed Dec. 12, 2019) developed by James Reinertson, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Cabot Carabott, Leominster, Massachusetts, for “Fertilizer stick.”


Managing Devices Within a Vehicular Communication Network

AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL SALES PTE. LIMITED, Singapore, Singapore has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606311 B2, initially filed Aug. 20, 2020) developed by six inventors Nariman Yousefi, Dana Point, California; Yongbum Kim, Los Altos Hills, California; John Walley, Ladera Ranch, California; Sherman (Xuemin) Chen, Rancho Santa Fe, California; Wael William Diab, San Francisco, California; and Nicholas Ilyadis, Merrimack, New Hampshire, for “Managing devices within a vehicular communication network.”


Rerouting Network Traffic Based on Detecting Offline Connection

JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC., Sunnyvale, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606390 B1, initially filed March 30, 2021) developed by three inventors Gert Grammel, Ditzingen, Germany; Ajay Kachrani, Nashua, New Hampshire; and Hao Wang, Kanata, Canada, for “Rerouting network traffic based on detecting offline connection.”


Optical Cross-Coupling Mitigation Systems for Wavelength Beam Combining Laser Systems

TERADIODE, INC., Wilmington, Massachusetts has been assigned a patent (No. US 11604340 B2, initially filed Nov. 18, 2020) developed by Bien Chann, Merrimack, New Hampshire, for “Optical cross-coupling mitigation systems for wavelength beam combining laser systems.”


Cloudlet Computing Device With Secure Boot Operations

INTEL CORPORATION, Santa Clara, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11604882 B2, initially filed June 6, 2019) developed by four inventors Yeluri Raghuram, Sunnyvale, California; Susanne M. Balle, Hudson, New Hampshire; Nigel Thomas Cook, Boulder, Colorado; and Kapil Sood, Portland, Oregon, for “Cloudlet computing device with secure boot operations.”


Autonomous Food Station

Four inventors Dov Z. Glucksman, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts; Andrew Joseph Rojee, Derry, New Hampshire; Michael David Miller, Tewksbury, Massachusetts; and Kent Yu, London, United Kingdom, have been awarded a patent (No. US 11605260 B2, initially filed Aug. 19, 2022) for “Autonomous food station.”


Amorphous Germanium Waveguides for Spectroscopic Sensing and Data Communication Applications

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Cambridge, Massachusetts has been assigned a patent (No. US 11604147 B2, initially filed Nov. 9, 2021) developed by seven inventors Eveline Postelnicu, Somerville, Massachusetts; Samarth Aggarwal, Ghaziabad, India; Kazumi Wada, Lexington, Massachusetts; Jurgen Michel, Arlington, Massachusetts; Lionel C. Kimerling, Concord, Massachusetts; Michelle L. Clark, Pelham, New Hampshire; and Anuradha M. Agarwal, Weston, Massachusetts, for “Amorphous germanium waveguides for spectroscopic sensing and data communication applications.”

Razor Cartridges

DORCO CO., LTD., Seoul, South Korea has been assigned a patent (No. US 11602867 B2, initially filed Aug. 14, 2019) developed by four inventors John W. Griffin, Moultonborough, New Hampshire; Craig A. Provost, Providence, Rhode Island; William E. Tucker, Attleboro, Massachusetts; and Douglas R. Kohring, Saco, Maine, for “Razor cartridges.”


Signaling IP Path Tunnels for Traffic Engineering

JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC., Sunnyvale, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606250 B2, initially filed Sept. 30, 2019) developed by three inventors Tarek Saad, Ottawa, Canada; Raveendra Torvi, Nashua, New Hampshire; and Vishnu Pavan Beeram, Ashburn, Virginia, for “Signaling IP path tunnels for traffic engineering.”


Video Doorbell

AMAZON TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Seattle, Washington has been assigned a design patent (No. US D0980735 S1, initially filed Sept. 27, 2021) developed by five inventors Thomas Burns, Mt. Sinai, New York; Jonathan Howard Biddle, San Francisco, California; Paul Douglas Grearson, Andover, Massachusetts; Mark Graziani, Salem, New Hampshire; and William Morris, Wakefield, Massachusetts, for “Video doorbell.”


Methods and Apparatuses for Use in Tuning Reactance in a Circuit Device

PSEMI CORPORATION, San Diego, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11606087 B2, initially filed Oct. 23, 2020) developed by five inventors Ronald Eugene Reedy, San Diego, California; Dan William Nobbe, Crystal Lake, Illinois; Tero Tapio Ranta, San Diego, California; Cheryl V. Liss, Merrimack, New Hampshire; and David Kovac, Arlington Heights, Illinois, for “Methods and apparatuses for use in tuning reactance in a circuit device.”


Compression Connectors With Insulating Cover

HUBBELL INC., Shelton, Connecticut has been assigned a patent (No. US 11605906 B2, initially filed Jan. 16, 2020) developed by Richard E. Robicheau, Litchfield, New Hampshire, and Glen Harrison Ruggiero, Manchester, New Hampshire, for “Compression connectors with insulating cover.”


Anti-Human Vista Antibodies

JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICAL NV, Beerse, Belgium has been assigned a patent (No. US 11603402 B2, initially filed April 17, 2017) developed by five inventors Catherine Carriere, Lebanon, New Hampshire; Michael Molloy, Enfield, New Hampshire; Jay Rothstein, Norwich, Vermont; Linda Snyder, Pottstown, Pennsylvania; and Gordon Powers, Malvern, Pennsylvania, for “Anti-human vista antibodies and use thereof.”


Methods for Aligning a Light Source of an Instrument, and Related Instruments

BIOMERIEUX, INC., Durham, North Carolina has been assigned a patent (No. US 11605533 B2, initially filed March 12, 2019) developed by seven inventors Ian MacGregor, Merrimack, New Hampshire; Scott Collins, Westford, Massachusetts; Jo-ann Loh, Nashua, New Hampshire; Spencer Lovette, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire; Andrew J. Violette, Bedford, New Hampshire; James VanGordon, O’Fallon, Missouri; and Jared Bullock, Saint Louis, Missouri, for “Methods for aligning a light source of an instrument, and related instruments.”

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