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I’m leery about giving too much attention to ways for consumers to shop in a “green” fashion because our pollution problems are much too big for individual actions to solve them. Emphasizing personal responsibility has become a way for corporations and governments to cop out of doing anything, with the “Crying Indian” ad being the prime example.

Still, every little bit helps. So it’s good that a zero-waste grocery store, with many items sold in bulk and the rest not sold in single-use plastic containers (although they do have “biodegradable” containers, which usually don’t actually biodegrade). It’s in Bedford, one of the state’s wealthiest communities, where folks are more likely to spend the extra that is usually necessary to avoid wasteful excess due to our upside-down economic system.

Manchester InkLink has the story here.

I buy a few items in bulk – peanuts, dish soap, laundry detergent – at the Concord Coop store. It is kind of a pain, I admit, but it makes a surprising difference in how much plastic we toss.

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