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By Targeted News Service

WASHINGTON – The following federal patents were assigned in New Hampshire through Nov. 5.


System and Method for Powering a Device

DEKA PRODUCTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, Manchester, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11804716 B2, initially filed Oct. 1, 2021) developed by three inventors N. Christopher Perry, Manchester, New Hampshire; Stewart M. Coulter, Bedford, New Hampshire; and Thomas A. Doyon, Manchester, New Hampshire, for “System and method for powering a device.”


Commissioning Power Plants

BOYLE ENERGY SERVICES & TECHNOLOGY, INC., Merrimack, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11802689 B2, initially filed June 19, 2018) developed by Judah Hiat, Merrimack, New Hampshire, for “Commissioning power plants.”


System and Methods for Controlling Laboratory Fume Hood Minimum Airflow

MEASURED AIR PERFORMANCE, LLC, Merrimack, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11801538 B2, initially filed March 4, 2021) developed by Eric Desrochers, Merrimack, New Hampshire, for “System and methods for controlling laboratory fume hood minimum airflow.”


Photonic ROIC Having Safety Features

ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS, LLC, Manchester, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11802945 B2, initially filed March 10, 2021) developed by William P. Taylor, Amherst, New Hampshire, and Bryan Cadugan, Bedford, New Hampshire, for “Photonic ROIC having safety features.”


Large Scale Cost Effective Direct Steam Generator System, Method, and Apparatus

XDI HOLDINGS, LLC, Bedford, New Hampshire has been assigned a patent (No. US 11802662 B2, initially filed Jan. 19, 2022) developed by four inventors James Charles Juranitch, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Raymond Clifford Skinner, Coral Springs, Florida; Thomas Raymond Juranitch, Delray Beach, Florida; and Alan Craig Reynolds, Novi, Michigan, for “Large scale cost effective direct steam generator system, method, and apparatus.”


Method for Multipath Error Compensation and Multipath Error-Compensated Indirect Time of Flight Range Calculation Apparatus

MELEXIS TECHNOLOGIES NV, Tessenderlo, Belgium has been assigned a patent (No. US 11802962 B2, initially filed Dec. 9, 2020) developed by Volodymyr Seliuchenko, Nashua, New Hampshire, for “Method for multipath error compensation and multipath error-compensated indirect time of flight range calculation apparatus.”


Substrate Transport Apparatus With Multiple Movable Arms Utilizing a Mechanical Switch Mechanism

BROOKS AUTOMATION US, LLC, Chelmsford, Massachusetts has been assigned a patent (No. US 11801598 B2, initially filed July 2, 2019) developed by five inventors Christopher Hofmeister, Hampstead, New Hampshire; Alexander G. Krupyshev, Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Krysztof A. Majczak, Beverly, Massachusetts; Martin Hosek, Lowell, Massachusetts; and Jay Krishnasamy, Billerica, Massachusetts, for “Substrate transport apparatus with multiple movable arms utilizing a mechanical switch mechanism.”


Backplane Footprint for High Speed, High Density Electrical Connectors

AMPHENOL CORPORATION, Wallingford, Connecticut has been assigned a patent (No. US 11805595 B2, initially filed July 25, 2022) developed by Marc Robert Charbonneau, Bedford, New Hampshire, and Jose Ricardo Paniagua, Newmarket, New Hampshire, for “Backplane footprint for high speed, high density electrical connectors.”


Active-Passive Configuration for Synchronous Remote Replication in an Active-Active Metro Cluster

EMC IP HOLDING COMPANY LLC, Hopkinton, Massachusetts has been assigned a patent (No. US 11803318 B2, initially filed April 21, 2021) developed by six inventors Dmitry Tylik, Westborough, Massachusetts; Carole Gelotti, Hollis, New Hampshire; David Meiri, Somerville, Massachusetts; Girish Sheelvant, Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Nagasimha Haravu, Apex, North Carolina; and Aharon Blitzer, Shoham, Israel, for “Active-passive configuration for synchronous remote replication in an active-active metro cluster.”


Actuator and Beam Steering Mechanism Using an Actuator

THORLABS MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS INC., Blairstown, New Jersey has been assigned a patent (No. US 11803047 B2, initially filed Nov. 11, 2019) developed by Simon Raab, Santa Barbara, California, and Mark S Longmuir, Tamworth, New Hampshire, for “Actuator and beam steering mechanism using an actuator.”


Battery Components Comprising Fibers

HOLLINGSWORTH & VOSE COMPANY, East Walpole, Massachusetts has been assigned a patent (No. US 11804634 B2, initially filed Feb. 17, 2022) developed by four inventors John A. Wertz, Hollis, New Hampshire; Nicolas Clement, Littleton, Massachusetts; Sachin Kumar, Milford, New Hampshire; and Akshay Ashirgade, Northborough, Massachusetts, for “Battery components comprising fibers.”


Anti-Cd25 Antibody Agents

CANCER RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, London, United Kingdom has been assigned a patent (No. US 11802160 B2, initially filed Feb. 5, 2020) developed by nine inventors Anne Goubier, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Beatriz Goyenechea Corzo, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Josephine Salimu, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Kevin Moulder, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Pascal Merchiers, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Mark Brown, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; Sergio Quezada, London, United Kingdom; James Geoghegan, Lyme, New Hampshire; and Bianka Prinz, Lebanon, New Hampshire, for “Anti-CD25 antibody agents.”


Power Supply and Emulated Current Mode Control

INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRIA AG, Villach, Austria has been assigned a patent (No. US 11804777 B2, initially filed Oct. 8, 2021) developed by Keng Chen, Acton, Massachusetts, and James R. Garrett, Windham, New Hampshire, for “Power supply and emulated current mode control.”


Signaling IP Path Tunnels for Traffic Engineering

JUNIPER NETWORKS, INC., Sunnyvale, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11805010 B2, initially filed Sept. 30, 2019) developed by three inventors Tarek Saad, Ottawa, Canada; Raveendra Torvi, Nashua, New Hampshire; and Vishnu Pavan Beeram, Ashburn, Virginia, for “Signaling IP path tunnels for traffic engineering.”

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