When it comes to driving an electric vehicle Addison County, Vermont, the county just south of Burlington, is New England’s leader at 347 miles/1000 residents. (I know nothing about that county. Maybe it contains the rich suburbs for Burlington?)

That’s according to mobility analytics platform Replica, which based its calculation for a “typical weekday” on anonymized mobile device info, roadside sensors, transit agencies and more. You can play with the map here.

Vermont, as you might expect, does much better than any other state in New England, a function both of its support of electric vehicles and its small population, which gives the calculations a small denominator.

One surprise is the almost winner in Massachusetts: Franklin County at 329 miles/1000 residents, almost beating out wealthy Boston suburb of Middlesex County (331). Franklin is on the Massachusetts border where Vermont and New Hampshire meet; neither of the counties that it touches in those states have much lower figures.

The winner in New Hampshire is Grafton County, not surprisingly: It’s home to Dartmouth College and Plymouth State but relatively sparsely populated elsewhere. The North County, also not surprisingly, is almost EV-free.

Results for NH counties:

Grafton County – 230

most counties – between 120 and 170

Cheshire – 83

Coos – 28

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