Self-storage units are all over the place – we sure own a lot of crap, don’t we? – and seem to be perfect places to put solar panels. Flat roofs, already ugly so nobody will complain, connected to the grid.

The problem is that the units don’t consume much electricity so the financial return depends on net metering and other rules that pay for exporting electricity to the grid. Those rules are increasingly getting squeezed as utilities double down. Further, they don’t get much attention from their owners since storage units are usually bottom-feeding developments, built to get some income from a property before a better use comes along, and those folks often won’t take the time to figure out the benefits of solar.

But there are exceptions. The Laconia Daily Sun has a story about a unit in Belmont that put up 300 panels. The story is here; I like the headline: “Profits Through the Roof”

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