The last public accounting of COVID spread in New Hampshire has ended: The N.H. Hospital Association is no longer posting weekly counts of COVID patients in hospitals. That was the last easily accessible count that gave us a sense of the disease in the state. I’ve been charting COVID metrics since summer 2000, but no more!

Maybe I’ll need to start a new chart, however. This just came from the CDC:

CDC asked that jurisdictions make PPE available to workers on dairy farms, poultry farms, and in
slaughterhouses. Specifically, CDC asked state health departments to work with their state agriculture
department counterparts and partners in communities, such as farmworker organizations, that can help
coordinate and facilitate PPE distributions. Shah recommended that states prioritize distribution of PPE to farms
with herds in which a cow was confirmed to be infected with avian flu, noting that some states have already
distributed PPE to dairy farms. Jurisdictions were asked to use existing PPE stockpiles for this effort. Shah also
briefed state officials on how to request additional PPE from HHS/ASPR’s strategic national stockpile, if needed.

The map below is from this Axios story:

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