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Sci/tech tidbits in and around New Hampshire 

Study: Lots more heavy rainfalls are coming our way

From Dartmouth News: With a warmer climate creating more humid conditions in the Northeast, extreme precipitation events - defined as about 1.5 or more inches of heavy rainfall or melted snowfall in a day - are projected to increase in the Northeast by 52% by the end...

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Objective Adorableness Algorithm ™

There wasn't a Granite Geek newsletter last week because I was visiting my first grandchild, a baby girl. I figured I should approach grandfatherdom with a properly geeky attitude, so I crafted an Objective Adorableness Algorithm. I used such measurements as ratio of...

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N.H. patents through May 28

(Links to each patent can be found here, using the patent number.) By Targeted News Service WASHINGTON – The following federal patents were assigned in New Hampshire through May 28. *** Product Dispensing System DEKA PRODUCTS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, Manchester, New...

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About Granite Geek

Dave Brooks has written a science/tech column since 1991 – yes, that long – and has written this blog since 2006, keeping an eye on topics of geekish interest in and around New Hampshire, from software to sea level rise, population dynamics to printing (3-D, of course). He moderates monthly Science Cafe NH discussions, beer in hand, and discusses the geek world regularly on WGIR-AM radio..

Brooks earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics but got lost on the way to the Ivory Tower and ended up in a newsroom. He has reported for newspapers from Tennessee to New England. Rummage through his bag of awards you’ll find oddities like three Best Blog prizes from the New Hampshire Press Association and a Writer of the Year award from the N.H. Farm and Forest Bureau, of all places. He joined the Concord Monitor in 2015.

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