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I can’t get enough of the New Hampshire Audubon peregrine falcon webcam. Great video, from two perspectives.

The four babies are growing up; they’re currently in their awkward preteen phase, their white fluff being replaced by black feathers. It’s really ugly; the bird version of acne. The screenshot above shows one baby squawking for food while mom seeks prey, out on the perch.

The webcam is so popular that New Hampshire Audubon had to scold people for using up the message board:

The comments section is meant to ask questions/comments about Peregrine Falcons as a learning tool for all, IT IS NOT TO BE USED AS A CHAT ROOM. We have been tolerant in the past but because of the number of people viewing the stream those who continue to use the comments section as a chat room will be blocked for good! Also asking for subs, political, advertisements, or similar post will be cause for immediate blocking.


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